It Studio House Project è uno studio nato a Gaggi, in the province of Messina, on the initiative of Quantity surveyor Mario Leonardi
It Studio House Project è una agenzia immobiliare che si avvale oltre che delle proprie competenze anche di professionisti esperti nel settore per la cura dei progetti, advice and services that revolve around the world of construction and of’ Real Estate. It also deals with many years experience, competence and reliability brokerage Estate Directory and thanks to a team of qualified people able to satisfy all requests and needs.
It Studio House Project carries out activities’ di consulenza e assistenza nelle transazioni immobiliari sia in fase preliminare che in fase di stipula in modo da evitare problemi che compratori e/o venditori subiscono sottoscrivendo contratti di mediazione o di mutuo negoziati in modo sbagliato o per mancanza di informazioni sull’immobile.
In addition, our firm provides its assistance during the execution of the deed of sale verifying that the document to be signed is consistent with the interests of the assisted.

In our site you will find a page dedicated to real estate ads with detailed information, that will allow you to see all that we offer for sale.

In addition to real estate, you will find on our site, also the part that concerns the design, counseling and the technical services of which deals with the study itself.

It Studio House Project è uno studio che si avvale della consulenza tecnica di geometri, ingegneri ed architetti con rinomata esperienza che forniscono alla committenza un servizio completo e ben strutturato:
civil construction – interior – building renovations – industrial buildings – commercial construction – design in the context of ecology and environmental.
Design new buildings with materials more’ modern and advanced technologies, in full compliance with the eco-system in order to live in safety and with full amenities.
For the rehabilitation of residential buildings, craft and trade to increase indoor comfort and energy efficiency that's what gives you the Studio House Project:
  • preliminary advice to the project
  • architectural project
  • executive project
  • structural and architectural supervision
  • planning and coordination work
  • safety and quality control’
  • permits and authorizations
  • structural testing
It Studio House Project also provides construction management based in closely follow the project during the implementation phase and prepare bills of quantities of the works to be carried, technical monitoring during construction, verify technical and economic investment proposals, market research. It’ also able to carry out the construction supervision for the recovery of houses.


Another service that the study is dealing with offers of land registry and is connected to all information systems land:
  • division of land
  • surveying with electronic instrumentation
  • surveying with GPS instrument
  • fractionation of buildings
  • inclusion in the map of buildings
  • cadastral surveys and research and ipocatastali
  • cadastral plans
  • volture inheritance and meetings of usufruct

It Studio House Project is also responsible for surveys and estimates:

  • estimates of areas and country estates for the purpose of real estate mortgages and expropriations
  • estimates of urban areas and small civil construction
  • estimates of agricultural land and building
  • estimates of industrial buildings
  • estimates of apartments
  • expertise for hail damage
  • appraisals and legal advisory
  • sworn experts
  • technical consulting environmental noise
  • technical advice


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